Chocolate Covered Portals
Chocoportals: what if you fire a single portal onto the floor but dont fire the other one and then flood the bottom of the floor with hot chocolate
Chocoportals: ta-da a chocolate covered portal


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Get better soon, dude. I hope your cat’s alright.

My cat’s okay now - he had a really bad hairball but it’s gone now. 

My friends talked me into getting the Minecraft demo, and this happened.

My friends talked me into getting the Minecraft demo, and this happened.

In Portal, if you spawn in some Half-Life 2 NPC and then push them through an emancipation grill, they’ll get emancipated. Everyone is made of tooth enamel?

How to disable Mozilla Thunderbird’s RSS favicons

If you’re using Mozilla Thunderbird for RSS feeds, a recent update made it so that the generic RSS feed icons are replaced with the website’s favicons. Personally, I found this annoying, so I figured out how to fix it:

Go to Tools > OptionsClick on the Advanced category and go to the General tab. Click on Config Editor. Here’s a screenshot:

It might give you a warning about how you can break things, etc. etc.. Just click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button.. As long as you don’t mess with things you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be okay.

So there’ll be a long list of different things. In the search filter box at the top, type in and press enter. One entry will come up, so just right-click it and press Toggle. Another screenshot:

Now close the window and wait a few seconds for it to change. There you have it, no more favicons! (If you’d like an alternative to them, I’d recommend the Color Folders addon.)



In the Sims 2, I sort of messed up because one of Gordon Freeman’s wants was to get engaged to Chocoportals Shitface. I fixed that real quick by getting him engaged with Alyx Vance instead.

u wot m8? i swer u are one cheeky cunt mate, say it to my face and not online and we'll see what happens. i swer 2 christ I'll hook you in the gabba. you better shut your mouth or im calling me homeboys rite now preparin for a proper rumble. tha rumble thatll make your nan sore jus hearin bout it. yer in proper mess ya nob head.

Well then.

The Grim Reaper burned the toaster pastry.

The Grim Reaper burned the toaster pastry.