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OH god, how did you do that?!

There’s a good-bad bug in the Sims 2 CAS. I set the nose-length slider all the way to the end, go picked one of the eye presets - and that resets the slider so you can continue making absurdly weird faces that puts my average GMod facepose to shame. Prengle did a great job of demonstrating.

On a lighter note….

On a lighter note….

Sorry I was gone. We ran out of money and the internet got turned off. But it’s turned back on now. Anyways if anyone has the money and wants to take a GMod commission that would be really appreciated. Thanks.

on a scale of dripping to drenched how wet do i make you

Damn, I’m dehydrated now.

Seriously, fuck osteoarthritis.

So one of my university sims met GLaDOS in a public lot and just for fun decided to invite her over. Surprisingly she accepted.

As soon as she was greeted she made a beeline for the guitar outside and began playing it. 


I thought that was funny so I used the boolprop cheat on the mailbox to invite all the neighbours over. 40 of them showed up and the game crashed.

[10:22:21 PM] Prengle Prengleson: i tried playing the hl2 demo once

[10:22:23 PM] Prengle Prengleson: it uh

[10:22:25 PM] Prengle Prengleson: it did not work

I like zooming in on sims’ faces

I like zooming in on sims’ faces

Nothing worse than laying down on your bed for “just a minute” and immediately passing out.

The Sims 2 is a little ridiculous at times.

I was playing with the University bit, and I had five Sims in one of the dorms. Four of them were pre-made, while one I made myself.

Anyways, two of them became BFFs and they hung out a lot and it was cool. Anyways one of them was coming back from class and one of the townie roomates ran out and started flirting with him, and he rejected it. Suddenly there was a noise, and his supposed BFF, who was standing right there, suddenly ran up and started slapping him for cheating???

Anyways I have no idea what the fuck happened there. I used SimPE to remove the relevant memories and reset their BFF status but….weird.